There are two central ways that we connect together as a church.  The first is our Sunday morning worship service.  The other is through being involved in Life Groups.

God calls us as a church not only to worship together on Sundays, but to be meaningfully connected to each other.  At Grace, we live out that call to community through our Life Groups.  These are neighborhood based and are the smaller communities within the church where we live life together.  Life Group meetings happen on Sunday nights when we gather to share a meal, read the passage from the morning’s sermon, and talk about how we live out what we’re learning from the Bible.  We also pray, and laugh, and challenge and encourage each other.  

All of our groups are open—just contact a leader if you’d like to attend.  And if the group closest to you isn’t the best fit, feel free to try others.

If you need help connecting with a group, contact elder Kelly McCormick here


Forest Acres Group

Sundays, 5:30pm @ 4615 Limestone St.
Contact: Jason Smith or Mark Sloan


Wildewood Group

Sundays, 5:30pm @ 100 Belleford Ridge Road
Contact: Jonathan Hudgens


Spring Valley Group

Sundays, 5:45pm @ multiple locations
Contact: Mark Harmon or Joey Howland

 Spears Creek Group

Sundays, 5:00pm @ the church building
Contact: Benjamin Ryan


Blythewood Group

Sundays, 5:30pm @ 112 Rice Creek Lane
Contact: Bill Watkins or J.P. Stephens



Sundays, 5:00pm @ 4019 Sandwood Drive
Contact:  John Tyler