Youth Ministry (6th-12th grade) at Grace Presbyterian Church

Vision: GPC seeks to promote generations of godliness.

With this vision statement, we maintain continuity from GPC’s Children’s Ministry to GPC’s Youth Ministry. However, there is progression, too. Put simply, this means we are continuing towards the goal of a higher level of spiritual maturity and responsibility (an older “generation”). This will be different for each individual student, so whether or not your child is a confessing believer, they are all learning. Our vision for Grace’s youth is growth.


Mission: GPC seeks to equip our youth for the transition into spiritual adulthood.

Our mission for the Youth Ministry runs in line with Ephesians 4:11-16. This means three things for our students:

  • First, it means intentional care from our leaders and members.

  • Second, this mission means answering hard questions. We want our youth to be able to lovingly and graciously dialogue with those who don’t share their beliefs—and all from a firm foundation to stand upon (Jesus Christ). We want to prepare our students to have a defensible faith with the ability for conversation with their peers, an unbelieving Bible professor in college, and others.

  • Third, it means taking more responsibility for their decisions. What does it look like to establish good prayer practices before going to college? Why is it vital to connect with a local church after we leave our parents’ house? Grace Presbyterian’s Youth Ministry wants to equip our students with the answers to these questions (and many more questions like these) as well as the ability to act on those answers appropriately.


What does this look like?

This mission can be seen in several tangible ways at Grace. The first is Sundays at Grace.

  • It looks like prayer. This is a chance to pray for GPC as a body before the service starts. This allows our youth to not only participate in a means of grace (prayer) but also cultivate it for future years.

  • It looks like preaching and communion. Here, our youth are afforded the same opportunities as our adults to hear the preaching of God’s Word and participate in celebrating the Lord’s Supper (if they are a communing member of a Gospel-centered church).

  • It looks like service. Likewise, they are able to serve in the capacities to which they are able and gifted. This may look like hospitality (greeting people at the door), electronics (sound board, set up, and so on), or helping with our Children’s Ministry (Children’s Church, and so on).

  • It looks like learning. There is a Middle School Sunday School offered in the Fall and Spring semesters. Please contact the church office to learn more.


It looks like Wednesday Nights for Youth. Read on to find out more.

Wednesday Nights for Youth

“Wednesday Nights” is a very important way in which Grace fulfills its mission for Youth Ministry. Volunteers from within the church membership lead these groups, and it is in these smaller settings that we begin to intentionally lead our students towards a fuller understanding of what following Jesus looks like—both in knowledge and practice of that knowledge. We seek to live life together at Grace, and “Wednesday Nights” is another way our Youth connect in the church. Rather than having our students roped off, we place them with older church members living life. On Wednesday nights, we hang out, we laugh, we eat, we learn about what it means to follow Christ, and we grow in our relationships with each other.


wednesday nights for youth Schedule

students in 6th-9th grades

When?  Wednesdays from 7:15-8:30 p.m. (during the school year)
Where? At Grace Pres

students in 10th-12th grades

when? Wednesdays from 7:15-8:45 p.m. (during the school year)

where? in spring valley

Can I bring a friend? YES! Absolutely-you and your friends are all invited!

Contact the church office with any questions.